Current information about language lessons at Akademie Zeitgeist

Requirements for participation

All language course students must be at least 16 years of age and students in the Junior Program at least 11 years of age.


Registration for a language course is made by sending a completed enrollment form to the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST. For the enrollment of minors (under 18) the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required. The contract will become legally binding when the booking confirmation from the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST has been received by the registration applicant.

Payment deadlines

A deposit of € 200 is due for course registration. The entire course fees must be transferred at the latest 30 days before the beginning of the course (for short-term registrations immediately). All bank fees will be charged to the student.

Weekends and holidays

On weekends and on the following holidays in 2020 language classes will not take place: till Jan. 6 (Christmas Holidays and Epiphany), Feb. 24 (Carnival Monday), April 10 (Good Friday), April 13 (Easter Monday), May 1 (Labour Day), May 21 (Ascension Thursday), June 1 (Pentecost Monday), June 11 (The Feast of Corpus Christi). Cancelled classes will not be made up for at a later time (except for evening courses and private instruction). In addition the school will be closed from Dec. 21, 2020 to Jan. 1, 2021 (Christmas Holidays).

Student accommodations

The private accommodations which the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST arranges for students are only available during the period of their language course. As a rule students move in on a Sunday before the beginning of their course and move out on Saturday after the end of their course. Any exceptions to this arrangement must be approved by the language school and will incur additional fees.

If the type of room desired by the student is booked up, the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST will arrange to find another room in a different category. If the student wishes to change to another room and the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST is able to arrange it, an administrative fee of € 75 will be charged. Rental costs caused by short-term room changes will also be charged to the student.

The school charges a fee for arranging an accommodation. This fee is included in the price of the accommodation. After a down payment of € 200, the room reservation is confirmed. The remaining payment for the accommodation is due at the latest on the day the rental lease starts.

The student is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the room for the duration of the lease. Upon termination of the lease, the living quarters including kitchen and bathroom must be left tidy and clean. By failure to comply with these conditions the student must bear all cleaning and repair costs after moving out. Students are also liable for all damages caused during their stay. 

An overnight stay of guests in the student’s room requires the explicit approval of the landlord. Any offence against the house rules of the landlord will lead to an immediate cancellation of the rental agreement without any claim for compensation or reimbursement for the renter.

Changes in booking

An already confirmed booking can be rebooked in favor of a higher-level offering without cost.

Changes in booking from an already booked program to a reduced program can only be done after consultation with the school and will be charged an additional € 75. A change from a group instruction to single instruction is not possible 

Withdrawals and cancellations

Withdrawals from the original booking must be made in writing. Withdrawals made up to two weeks before the beginning of the course are subject to a cancellation charge of 20 % of the course fees. Cancellations made in a period of less than 2 weeks before the beginning of the course will be charged 40 % of the course fees. Bookings in connection with visa applications are subject to special regulations (see below). Independent of the time when the cancellation is made, the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST retains the right to charge for costs arising from accommodations, food or other costs from outside services.

Once courses have started and students have moved into their accommodations, cancellations are no longer possible. For the student who do not appear and terminate an already booked language course, there can be no refund of the course fees or the accommodations costs.

For the booking of a 3 month intensive course a course break of one week is possible.

For private instruction the following rules apply: schedule changes must be approved by the school secretary. By short-term cancelations made by the student less than 24 hours before class, an alternative date is not possible

Visa, Registration Confirmation

Visa applications and payment of associated costs are the responsibility of the student. Before issuing a letter of acceptance for visa applications, the language school requires that the registration form be filled out and the full payment for the course fees be made by the student. Along with the letter of acceptance, a visa application must be made at the German consulate in the student’s home country. If no visa is issued the language school will refund the course fees minus a handling charge of € 180. A requirement for a refund, however, is the immediate notification of the language school by the applicant and the presentation of a written rejection notice from the German authorities.

Handling fees collected by the language school for arranging admissions to the university will not be reimbursed if the visa is not granted or it the university refuses the applicant.

Course Level Placement

The course level of a participant is determined by a written and oral placement test conducted before the beginning of the language course. All level determinations are conditional and subject to possible later changes. 

Attendance Requirement

All language students are obliged to attend class regularly and comply with the prescribed class times. If a student misses more than 20 % of class time, they cannot receive a certificate. An attempt to make up for lost hours is not possible.

Minimum number of participants / Class size

The school reserves the right to make changes. In rare exceptional cases the maximum number of students allowed in a class can be exceeded for a short time. When there are less than 4 participants in a class the AKADEMIE ZEITGEIST reserves the right to reduce the number of hours by 75 % for one participant, 50 % for 2 participants and 25 % for 3 participants. Reduction in the number of hours however does not lead to a refund for reduction in the course fees.

Language Student’s Obligations/Insurances

The Language student is obliged to help in correcting deficiencies as they occur. This means in particular that problems should be reported immediately to the school secretary’s office or to the school management in order to rectify the situation.

The language school recommends that students take out health, liability and cancellation-of-travel insurance.

Personal Data

All personal data the school obtains from students will be handled according to German data protection laws.

Special Agreements

In individual cases special agreements can be reached which differ from the above stated General Terms and Conditions.

Court of Jurisdiction

German law applies to all agreements and contracts. The Court of Jurisdiction is Freiburg im Breisgau.