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TestDaF Exam at Akademie Zeitgeist

The TestDaF is one of the recognized language proficiency tests for university entrance that you can take at the Akademie Zeitgeist.

The TestDaF consists of four parts (reading, listening, writing and speaking). Achievements are assigned to three levels: TDN 3, TDN 4 and TDN 5. When you have passed the TestDaF-level 4 in all four of its partial tests, your language certificate will be valid as a successful proficiency test for admission to all German universities (as well as internationally recognized as proof of German language proficiency needed for work in science and academic positions).

Each German university decides individually what language level a student requires for studying a particular subject. Some universities require the TDN 5, but most find the TDN 4 as sufficient. Information concerning language requirements should be obtained directly from the university you choose.

To enroll at a German university, you will need the TestDaF certificate, which can take the TestDaF Institut 6 to 8 weeks to send out to you. If you want to start university in October, we recommend taking TestDaF in February or April. If you plan to start university in summer, take TestDaF in September or November.

rules, rates and dates

If you want to take TestDaF at Akademie Zeitgeist, just select our school as your testing center when registering for the exam, which you have to do via

The TestDaF lasts a bit longer than 3 hours (plus time for breaks).

  • Reading: 60 minutes
  • Listening: 40 minutes
  • Writing: 60 minutes
  • Speaking: 30 minutes

Dates 2020:
February: 13; April: 22; June: 3; July: 22; September: 10; November: 10

TestDaF Exam
€ 195

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