Current information about language lessons at Akademie Zeitgeist


Knowing that our students have differing needs and interests, we offer several accommodation options in Freiburg. All options are easily accessible from the Akademie Zeitgeist campus.

All accommodation options in Freiburg have been inspected by a member of staff. It is our aim to match our student’s needs and interests as closely as possible.

Special (dietary or other) requirements need to be communicated by the time of booking, but will not incur any additional costs.

We offer airport/railway station transfer to your homestay/shared flat. Please ask us for that.

Some students prefer to stay with friends in Freiburg or would like to organize their own accommodation, which is fine. In that case, however, we cannot provide our transfers.

Accommodation options

from 200 €

In this accommodation you have your own room, but you share the use of a kitchen and bathroom with the other residents.

from 235 €

You have your own room and you share the bathroom with the members of your host family.

from 250 €

The student residence is intended for language students who are 18 and over and who want to live on their own but still would like to live together and have contact to other international language students.

from 250 €

For those who want an accommodation completely on their own, we would be happy to find for you a regular private apartment.

Table of accommodation types

AccommodationType of RoomCommute to SchoolMeal OptionsPrice per Week
Host Family with self-cateringSingle or doubleFlexible. Maximum 30`No meal optionfrom 200€
Host Family with breakfastSingle or doubleFlexible. Maximum 30`Breakfastfrom 235€
Host Family with half boardSingle or doubleFlexible. Maximum 30`Half Boardfrom 290€
Host Family with full boardSingle or doubleFlexible. Maximum 30`Full Boardfrom 330€
Student ResidenceSingleFlexible. Maximum 30`No meal optionfrom 250€
ApartmentsSingle or doubleFlexible. Maximum 30`No meal optionUpon request